Travel Group

Travel Group Menu 2017

Matie „pommeranian style

souced in herb marinade,

served with a baked potatoe, sour cream and side salad

€ 12


Schnitzel plate

breaded pork  schnitzel

with fresh crudités and crispy roast potatoes

€ 12


Fisherman´s Pan

panfried coalfish with roast potatoes

and homemade remoulade sauce

€ 12



nudels with home made basil pesto

and plane of parmesan

€ 12


Chickenbreast and Feta

on leaf salad with seabuckthorn-dressing

€ 12


3-dishes-menu € 19

1. starter

tomato soup or small salad

2. main course

main course optional

3. dessert

apple strudel  with ice cream


from 25 persons, we guarantee two complimentary seats