Travel Group

Ideal for your visit in Stralsund at the traditionell "Old Market"!


You can stay for Lunch, Dinner or Coffee and Cake. For Travel Groups over 25 Persons your Guide and Busdriver will get their Meal and one Drink for free.


Near Distance for your Tour Bus!

Parking Spot City Theater 200 Meter.

Parking Spot City Harbour and Ocean Museum (Ozeaneum) 250 Meter.


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Travel Group Menu 2017

Matie „pommeranian style

souced in herb marinade,

served with a baked potatoe, sour cream and side salad

€ 12


Schnitzel plate

breaded pork schnitzel

with mushrooms in cream and crispy roast potatoes

€ 12


Fisherman´s Pan

panfried codefish with roast potatoes

and homemade remoulade sauce

€ 12


maccherocini and salmon

nudels with home made pesto rosso

cream and onions

€ 12



with curry, coconut-cream, and pumkin

€ 12


3-dishes-menu € 19

1. starter

pumkin soup

2. main course

main course optional

3. dessert

apple strudel  with ice cream


2-dishes-menu € 16

starter or dessert optional

main course optinal


from 25 persons, we guarantee two complimentary seats